3:00 pm15:00

HDS at the Guild Fair of the Southern Highlands

Time to enjoy fine craft and great music at the Guild Fair at the Cellular One Center in downtown Asheville. Join us for fun, great music and new stories from our own John D. Richards, genius and banjo aficionado. Add Rob Levin on guitar and vocals, Joy Boothe on vocals and cacaphonium, Tim Clark on the washtub bass and saw, and Claudia Dunaway Richards on cornet, ukelele, and a variety of other noise makers. Come and sing along!

12:15 pm12:15

Mt. Mitchell Craft Fair

Sing and dance with Hot Duck Soup! Many new old tunes and stories to tell. Take a break from buying arts and crafts to enjoy fine novelty jazz music. See you there! 

7:00 pm19:00

One of a Kind Gallery Music Night

Join Hot Duck Soup for fun and great music at One of a Kind Gallery in Micaville, NC! Sing along, tap your feet, and enjoy the joy, music, and humor of this fine goofy band!  

3:00 pm15:00

Rhododendron Festival

Hot Duck Soup will be serving up hot novelty jazz tunes during this outdoor festival in Bakersville, NC. Come out and enjoy the festival activities and lively music!